About Us


Askey Hughey, Inc. works with public and private homebuilders, developers, resorts and public agencies specializing in projects ranging from residential subdivisions, condominium and townhome developments, commercial retail and shopping centers to public roadways and utility improvements.

With more than 50 years of combined principal experience and numerous successful project designs, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and permit your project to and through construction completion. We have extensive working relationships with numerous local and state permitting agencies to facilitate your site development project through the oftentimes arduous permitting and construction process.

Our firm provides an interactive and cooperative management and plan preparation style in coordinating designs and solutions with our clients and affected agencies to adhere to our client’s visions and applicable design standards. Our firm recognizes the value of utilizing our client, all team members and subconsultants in designing each and every project. In creating workable solutions, we use standard engineering practices combined with a meticulous Quality Assurance / Quality Control program to assure the final product is a clean, accurate and detailed set of construction plans from which permits are acquired timely and construction related delays are avoided.

Askey Hughey, Inc.’s formula for successful solutions is simple. We design and implement comprehensive infrastructure designs and solutions in which we are highly experienced and competent. Our staff of professionals consists of personnel to gather and research the necessary design data and criteria, assemble the applicable useful information, coordinate with our client and agencies throughout the design process and implement those final designs into properly planned / constructed projects and sustainable solutions.


At Askey Hughey, Inc., we pride ourselves in:


  • Honesty with our clients
  • Availability to our clients
  • Clean and concise communications with our clients
  • Timeliness
  • Practical real world solutions