From concept to reality, Askey Hughey, Inc. provides it all!


At Askey Hughey, Inc. we offer a wide range of Land Planning and Site Development engineering services to meet the strategic needs of our broad client base.


Askey Hughey, Inc. offers project planning services to reach a balance among the environment, community concerns, funding limitations, development goals and regulatory constraints. Our many years of comprehensive planning have allowed us to cultivate a deep understanding of the political and community issues that are unique to each project.

In addition to comprehensive land planning, we meet the needs of our clients by assisting them with understanding current development standards and ordinances, processing of Land Use Map Amendments and Zoning Map Amendments and providing Preliminary Plans for agency submission.

Land Planning Services Include:


  • Feasibility Studies / Due Diligence / Land Entitlement Studies
  • Development Requirements Summaries
  • Site and Yield Analysis
  • Land Use Change Amendments
  • Zoning Changes
  • Annexation Studies
  • Concepts and Master Planning
  • Commercial Site Plans
  • Residential Site Plans
  • Multi-family Site Plans
  • Mixed Use Site Plans
  • Institutional Site Plans
  • Public Hearing Representation


Askey Hughey, Inc. will create and implement the final design of your project in a manner that will minimize overall development costs, submittal processing time and environmental impact, while maximizing the potential of your property. When it comes to your Civil Engineering needs, we emphasize teamwork and the integration of the Client’s input into the process. After all, the end product has to meet your expectations and goals. Our Civil Engineering expertise partnered with our Client’s vision of sustainability encourages all parties to be the project’s greatest advocate. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail produces cost effective and practical solutions on time and within budget.

Civil Engineering Services include:


  • Residential Subdivision Design
  • Resort Site Design
  • Commercial Site Design
  • Multi-family Site Design
  • Institutional Site Design
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Site Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Earthwork Analysis
  • Golf Course Development
  • Stormwater Management Systems
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Roadway Design
  • Water Distribution System Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection System Design
  • Regulatory Permitting Services
  • Construction Observation and Administration
  • Bid Phase Services
  • Platting Assistance
  • Public Hearing Representation